Spring Crafts, Activities, and Snacks for Kids Round-up

break is creeping up on us quickly – have you started sourcing some fun crafts to make? some spring-themed engaging activities? what about spring snack ideas that you could create with your children?

If you are on the hunt for some awesome spring-themed crafts, activities, and snacks for spring break to keep your children occupied, you’ve come to the right place as I have been scouring the net to present you with 17 of the best so you don’t have too!

This is perfect for some giant sensory fun – Giant Squishy Bag

These Banana Peanut Butter Bites are to die for – I couldn’t only limit myself to one, I needed more!

We had so much fun setting up the Ladybug Tic Tac Toe!

Bubble Painting
is so engaging – our children couldn’t hold back their amazement and were continuously competing to see who could make the biggest paint bubble!

Making Windchimes with your children is a nice, relaxing, calming opportunity to wind down. You’ll find that your children will find the tinkling soothing too!

Have you ever made Homemade Playdough?
Our children love getting messy when mixing it!

Sensory Bins are a definite must, and now that it is Spring, why not create a Gardening Sensory Bin?

WOW! Our children were so astounded by this magical Spray Chalk – you should definitely try it out yourself!

Rainbow Sensory Paints
are just what you need for your sensory needs – you can reuse this for St Patrick’s Day too!

Can you guess how much we love sensory bins? Here is another one – this one is a Spring Sensory Bin

What child hates playing outside with a Water Table with the sun shining? See if your child enjoys this as much as ours do!

WARNING – you are bound to get very messy with these Paint Bombs

Well, if you are already messy from all the playdough mixing, paint bombing, and paint bubbles – you might as well try this Sidewalk Paint

You can buy this in shops already, but if you are feeling adventurous – why not try and make Puffy Paint
from scratch?

Oh, you have sussed us out – we just LOVE  getting messy, we cannot help it! This must be the messiest activity we’ve ever down – Paint Slide

Just so you know that we aren’t only interested in getting messy – try this less messy activity: See Through Sketching

YUM! This is a great snack to create, and easy too – Finding Dory Trail mix


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