EASY Back to School Pencil Craft for Kids

Does your little one have back to school nerves? Shake it up and make back to school fun with this easy pencil craft! They can even take it in to gift to their new teacher!

You will need:
– Popsicle Sticks
– Yellow Paint
– Glue
– Felt Tip
– Black Pen
– Scissors
– Paintbrush
– Black, Pink, and White Paper

1. Paint the Popsicle Sticks.

2. Let them dry.

3. Glue the yellow Popsicle Sticks to the end of a rectangle piece of white paper.

4. Make sure to leave enough paper exposed at the end.

5. Cut the white paper into a point.

6. Cut the tip of the point.

7. Use the white paper as a guide, outline a triangle tip with the black paper.

8. Cut the black triangle out.

9. Glue the black triangle to the tip of the white paper.

10. Use the end of the crafted pencil to outline a rectangle on the pink paper. Cut the pink rectangle to size.

10. Glue the pink rectangle to the end of the crafted pencil.

Here’s the final masterpiece:

Hope you enjoy creating this fun and easy back to school craft!!


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