Dr. Seuss Snacks and Crafts Roundup

Are you stuck for ideas for Dr. Seuss day? I have selected 30 different snacks and crafts ideas for kids, just for you! I hope you find something you’ve not tried yet, if not – hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to get creative for Dr. Seuss’ birthday and/or Read Across America.

1. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Preschool Snack  

2. Dr Seuss Shape Recognition Activity

3. Dr Seuss Push Pops

4. Popcorn Munch

5. Thing 1 and 2 snack

6. Dr Seuss Magnets

7. Cat in the hat Healthy Snack

8. Horton Hears A Who 

9.  Dice Lorax Game

10.  Pudding Pops 

11. Green Eggs and Ham

12. Dr Seuss Cupcakes 

13. Dr Seuss Cut It Out 

14. Cotton Candy Lorax Trees

15. Green Eggs and Ham Cookies

16. Lorax Marshmallow Pops

17. The Lorax 

18. Dr Seuss Treats

19. Dr Seuss Cake Pops

20. Dr Seuss Pancakes

21. Cat in the Hat Cookies

22. Marshmallow Cookies 

23. Cat in the hat Jello

24. Thing 1 and 2 Crafts

25. Easy Jello Cups

26. Adorable Dr Seuss Cookies

27. Dr Seuss Smoothie

28. Lorax Rice Krispie Bars


30. Dr Seuss Word hats

31. Cat in the hat Oreo Cookies


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