4th July Fun Sensory Painting Activities for Kids

It is nearly Independence Day, which is a great time to get the paints and enjoy some sensory painting activities that any child will enjoy, no matter their age!
Our daughter has autism so she really enjoyed painting with different items around the house, and creating instant artwork without finding it too tricky!
We had lots of fun painting with pom poms, straws, and marbles – if you’d like to see our masterpieces, keep reading for inspiration as we have provided photographic visual tutorials.

1. Pom Pom Painting

 You will need some clothespins / pegs, pom poms, paper and paint.

Pinch the pom poms with the clothespins / pegs.
Add some paint to your palette.
Dip the pom poms into the paint.
Start dabbing! 
We created pom pom US flags, but you can create anything you’d like.
2. Marble Painting

You will need a baking tray or a plastic box, marbles, paper and paint.
Put the paper inside the tray or box.
Add a small amount of paint.
Place the marbles into the tray or box.
Rock the box sideways and upwards, until you are happy with the effect.
3. Straw Blowing

You will need a straw, paper and paint.
Add a small amount of paint onto the paper.
Drop a little water and mix with the paint.
Grab a straw and start blowing the paint from the middle, outwards to create a firework effect.
4. Straw Fireworks

You will need straws, paper and paint.
Add a small amount of paint onto the paper.
Turn the straw upside down and bend.
Dab the straw into the paint.
Keep dabbing in a circular action to create a firework effect.
Do you have any other fun and creative ways to create 4th July themed paintings? If so, we’d love to hear them!


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