10 Items You Need For Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Making fun and creative lunches gives moms an outlet and offers the kids something really cool to look forward to midday. You don’t even have to put a ton of time into them, sometimes you can just use a fun container, themed napkins, and other items to create a lunch that will not only be tasty but bring a smile to their faces. I have gathered a list of 11 items to put in your lunch making kit for food they won’t be able to resist.

Bento Lunch BoxI love the fun look of bento boxes, food rolled, twisted, and molded into shapes that make up a theme are fun to make and a fun surprise for your kids to open up. This bento box has 5 removable compartments

Insulated lunch boxes–  Hipster Kitty is super cute right? This one will fit the bento box above perfectly but you can also use other containers to make lunch time purrfectly entertaining.

Shaped Ice Packs- You will find a great assortment of shaped ice packs on Amazon to keep lunch at the right temperature, like this adorable fox.

Bento Picks- I can’t think of any kid that wouldn’t love to open up a lunchbox to see food looking back at them, these eyeball picks are hilarious and will be great popping out of eggs, sandwiches, and fruit.

Reusable Snack/Sandwich BagsA great way to reduce waste there are patterns, characters, and more to choose from in every size from snack to sandwich.

Shaped sandwich cutters If you are pressed for time but still want to add a special touch to the lunch box sandwich cutters are perfect for sandwiches, tortillas, and cheese slices.

Alphabet Cutters-These little cutters are ideal for smaller items like bread, melon or apple slices, pancakes, fruit rolls, etc… Cut out your child’s name, the theme of the box, a holiday message, and much more.

Bento Idea Book- If you get stuck and need theme ideas or ideas on how to execute or what to include in the lunches a book comes in quite handy.

Drink Container- I am kinda partial to a plain thermos so that it can go with any theme you might put the lunch in, you can also use a dry erase marker to leave a note on it.

Lunchbox Notes- You can handwrite personal notes to encourage or show your love to your child but for those times you are lacking time or ideas ready-made notes are good to have on hand.
What item above do you think would be a great addition to your lunch making supplies?


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